if you won’t work you shan’t eat

if you won’t work you shan’t eat
With allusion to 2 THESSALONIANS iii. 10 (AV) If any would not work, neither should he eat.

c 1535 D. LINDSAY Satire of Three Estates (EETS) 475 Qui non laborat, non manducet... Quha labouris nocht he sall not eit.

1624 CAPT. J. SMITH General Hist. Virginia III. X. He that will not worke shall not eate.

1891 R. KIPLING Life’s Handicap 362 If you won’t work you shan’t eat... You’re a wild elephant, and no educated animal at all. Go back to your jungle.

1938 N. STREATFEILD Circus is Coming v. Proper terma-gent she was, bless her. ‘Them as can’t work can’t eat,’ she always said.

1981 J. STUBBS Ironmaster xx. I say them as don’t work shan’t eat.

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